Why Us?

Small business’ we hear you…. Been there done that.

As a health food retail owner of 25 years, and now the owner of 2 successful health food stores and importer and distributor of a unique repertoire of products, we understand the struggle many small business’ face when it comes to increasing margins, having that unique selling point and providing original products with real benefits.

We have experienced it over and over and one of the best ways to do this is to create. Create something that no one else has, that you are passionate about and that users will come back only to you and purchase again.

Unlike much large scale blending companies we are delighted to offer blends starting from 25 units for new formulas and 12 units for existing formulas. This allows you to experience the rewards of having your own product without a unrealistic outlay.

As business owners who have experienced this struggle personally, we are very excited to offer such a different approach to retail. We also pride ourselves in providing a realistic, convenient and relevant service to our fellow health food retailers.

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